Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Devastation

My mom pointed something out to me about the devastation of hurricane Katrina. We are used to hurricanes that hit Florida and usually destroy fancy resorts and summer beach homes that belong to wealthy people. This hurricane has hit so many places that are completely poverty stricken. All hurricanes are tragic, but the tragedy of this one seems to be so much greater. So many prayers are needed for this place at this time. May God reign in this disaster. May He be glorified somehow through all of this.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

First Day

Okay, so everyone said I HAD to get a blog if I was in the GST, so here it goes. Be patient with me as I am new at this blog business. A big shout out to Donald, Brian, David, and Katie for a night of big fun. I appreciate the work that went into getting us together. I also appreciated all of the new people I was able to meet and Bradley for telling me that my name is sexy, even though I don't agree with you!! I have had a great first week here. I am so confident that this is exactly where God wants me right now. Praise Him!! Thanks to everyone who has helped to make this week nice. You are truly a blessing. Good night, sleep tight.

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