Sunday, January 06, 2008

I'm continually surprised by God's work in my life. I wonder why. I guess grad school jaded me quite a bit. I've lived for a while now really doubting God's work in the everyday seemingly mundane details of life. How can Almighty God really be present in those minor details? Doesn't God have better things to do, better places to work and be present? Isn't it enough that God sent a Savior to this earth for me and the rest of creation? With all of the pain, injustice, sin, tears, fallen-ness ... this world has to offer, does God really care about a little ole youth ministry in eastern Kansas, USA enough to 'work out' the details, to consistently be present, and to continually bless? I don't know exactly where I land on all of this, but here's what I do know: the blessing aren't stopping. The parent's meetings, retreats, conversations, and worship times keep 'working out' and my only explanation is that God must be involved, because I know it sure isn't anything I'm doing.

Friday, January 04, 2008

The best part of my holiday:

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