Thursday, November 29, 2007

Well, I returned from my Thanksgiving Texas trek to a whole new season. The cold weather has arrived, and I'm freezing. All of my winter clothes were way too big, so I gave them away last spring and now I don't have many things to keep me warm. My first winter purchase was a coat. This coat actually:

Pretty cute huh. Target baby.

My Thanksgiving was wonderful! I went down to San Antonio to meet up with the rest of my family. I was in charge of the sweet potatoes which totally stressed me out. I was very concerned that I would mess them up, and you know people can't help but judge you when you make bad food. So the pressure was on. I guess they turned out okay. On Friday we went to Fredricksburg to look around and celebrate my brother's birthday. I loved all the little shops, but the place was packed. And the weird thing was that a lot of people were walking around with their dogs. Like dogs want to go shopping. Anyways, I was really sad to come home on Saturday, but I guess all good things must come to an end.

So, here's a funny story that would only happen to a minister. Every week I work really hard to find enough stuff to put in our weekly bulletin. I never have enough stuff to fill up our pages. So, the week after I got back from the youth conference, I put the picture of me and David Crowder in the youth pages. I thought the kids would get a kick out of it. Above the picture were the words Sue & David Crowder. Well, since that Sunday I've had at least 20 people ask me if I had gotten married. Seriously. I also have had several people tell me that other people had asked them if I'd gotten married. Our preacher thought he was a homeless man. So, I guess I'm the only person in Kansas who knows who David Crowder is. Also, no more pictures of myself in the bulletin.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's coming... :)

Monday, November 05, 2007

I love David Crowder. Maybe you didn't catch that. I LOVE David Crowder. So, this weekend as I traveled to St. Louis for the Youth Specialties conference, I was most excited that the David Crowder Band would be leading worship. So here's the story. I hurried to get the best seat I could. Here's my view:

After the session I knew I'd be able to find him somewhere. I went over to this little side curtain area, in true stalker form, and there he was!!!! Score big daddy. When he got around to shaking my hand I started freaking out a bit, which I think freaked him out a little too. I had on my David Crowder Band shirt for the occasion and didn't have any of my cds, so I asked him to sign my t-shirt. I was thinking upper front shoulder area, but as I pointed to it I realized that was really close to the boob area. So then I said, 'oh I don't want to make you uncomfortable, where do you want to sign?' And he said, 'we've moved well past the point of uncomfortable.' Yes, I'm a total stalker freak show. So, here is the picture of us finding an 'appropriate' spot for signage:

Here he is actually signing the shirt:

And here's the last picture of us. It's a nice one, huh. At the end of the experience I apologized to the rest of the people standing around for the spectacle I'd made of myself. And Crowder said thanks for my enthusiasm and excitement about his music. All in all, it was the perfect moment.

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