Thursday, March 05, 2009

Lots of thoughts going on here... just follow along.

I recently drove through the state of Kentucky. It seems like a nice enough place. Here's the weird thing- apparently they have no idea what to do with the bodies of dead deer. So, their best answer is to simply leave them in the grassy median. Hey- it's winter time, at least they'll kind of blend in with the dead grass. Well, not really. I lost count after 20. We were only in the state for about an hour.

Last Saturday I had to get 3 van loads of teens back from Wichita in a snow storm. I doubt my blood pressure has ever been higher. I prayed the whole way home as I gripped the wheel with all my might. At one point I said, God if you get us home I'll give you the glory on my blog. So here it is people: The good Lord got us home safely last Saturday morning! He's pretty good at protecting me. We sure know it wasn't my driving abilities.

There is all this commotion about The Bachelor. Surprisingly, I've never watched the show, so I have no comment.

I wish those lovely people who cut hair would just admit they have no idea how to style curly hair. I'd rather leave with my hair wet than let them blow dry my head into a frizzy afro. (is that even how you spell that?) Today when the lady was trying to dry my hair, I finally had to just say, "ma'am will you please stop that, I'll just leave like this." I knew she couldn't fix the mess she was creating. I did give her a nice tip though, just in case she thought I was rude.

I have a girls retreat coming up soon. I'm on empty when it comes to ideas about what we should do. Any thoughts out there?

Today was an open windows day! The sun was shining and it was so wonderful. I hope it lasts a little while.

I had to face some rejection yesterday. I'm tired of putting myself out there. I'm also tired of being a "good friend." That's all have to say about that.

It's time for some Thursday night tv. Such a good way to end a long week. I'll finish with a new photo. My good pal Susan took this for our new website at church.

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