Saturday, September 24, 2005

Great Fun

Well, tonight was super. I really enjoyed Oplin even though I am the worst dancer EVER! Thanks to all of you boys who let me step on your feet. Tomorrow, I need to read like crazy. Then off to the party at Donald's. I'm planning to make funfeti cupcakes in spongebob square pants cupcake holders. What is it about cupcakes that just fills me with so much joy?

Other things that fill me with joy:
new school supplies
gerber daisies
David Crowder
sunsets (sunrises too, but I'm not usually up that early)
old people who are in love
Christmas trees
Beverly Hills 90210

What fills you with joy?

1 comment:

Donald Philip Simpson said...

Thanks for coming over and SHOUTING in our kitchen. The cup cakes were most excellent, as well.



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