Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's finally fall!!!! This makes me very happy. I'm not ready for cold snowy winter, but I'm very tired of 100 degree weather. Today because of the cold weather I was able to wear my new sweater that I have been waiting weeks to wear! YES!

Hmmm, what else. Tomorrow night we are going to the Clyde pizza house for some tasty pizza. I really really need to study Greek!! I knew I'd get behind. Any study tips out there? I get to go see David Crowder in less than a week!! I just love him even though he looks like a billy goat. Well, maybe not quite.


Katie said...

Your comparison made me laugh! I can totally see it, though I'll deny it if you ever ask me again. I'm so glad you are coming with us tomorrow night! Yea for Greek mid-terms! :)

Donald Philip Simpson said...

Silly me. When I casually looked at the pictures before reading your post (like most guys do, we are so visual) I thought you were showing the goat your sweater came from, which would be a great tag to put on clothing. I can see it now as little Tommy puts on his new wool jacket for the first time there is a picture on a cardboard tag with three little lambs with all their fleece shaved off. OK, perhaps this would be a terrible idea - but it made me laugh anyway.


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