Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I got the chance to watch Oprah this afternoon. I usually don't watch the show but I happened to see that she would be talking about the Hurricane, so I tuned in. The current conditions of the people living in Louisiana are unbelievable. Dead bodies are everywhere. If a person is about to die, they go ahead and take the body to the make shift morgue so the person can die in peace. What a tragedy when the morgue is the most peaceful place to die. Oprah got to go into the Superdome and there was water, urine, and feces covering the floor. Thankfully, no one is living there any more. As I watched the show I felt so helpless. All I want to do with my life is love God by loving and serving people. I wish so badly that there was something I could do to help these people. I just feel stuck here.

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Katie said...

I found you, too! :)

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