Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mouse Tales

(This is a true story that occurred in my apartment in the fall of 2002.)

There once was a mouse who lived in a small apartment on the campus of ACU. He loved his home. Every night after the tenant would fall asleep, the mouse would come out of his hiding place and have a mouse party in the kitchen and living room. Unfortunately for the mouse, the tenant soon discovered the evidence of the mouse parties. The tenant bought sticky mouse traps and laid them around the apartment because the tenant did not like mouse parties. That night, when the mouse came out of this hiding place to attend the nightly party he noticed something different. There was a little pool next to the bottom of the dishwasher. Oh how the mouse loved to swim. So in a dainty fashion the mouse put one foot in the pool. But oh what happened! It was not a swimming pool. The mouse soon realized that his foot was stuck. He looked over to the window and saw the first light of sunrise. He began to panic. He knew the tenant would not let him continue to live in the apartment. He had to find a way to free himself from the sticky pool. So, he finally faced the fact that he would either lose his leg, or lose his life. Sadly, that little mouse had to bite his leg off. But the sacrifice of the leg was worth it, for the mouse was now free to return to his life of mouse parties (although now he had one less leg). The tenant was horrified by the discovery of a single mouse leg. He moved out as soon as his lease was up. Three years later a new tenant moved in. She was a lovely tenant with a plaid couch. She did not like mouse parties however. So, when she saw that mouse limp under the dishwasher she knew what she had to do. She rushed to Wal-Mart and bought four brand new sticky mouse traps. Now the tenant quietly waits to hear the sound of the mouse putting another foot into the sticky swimming pool. She hopes that the mouse will not remember his previous experience with swimming pools.


Donald Philip Simpson said...

So, if you eat your arm off 30 minutes after swimming.... No wait, if you party, then go swimming - you have to eat your arm off.... No, one more time, if you don't eat your arm off after swimming you'll get cramps - right??

J. P. McCarty said...

And I thought the crickets, beetles, gnats, and lone grasshopper were bad. At least you live on the other side of the complex. ;)


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