Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It is really nice to be back in Abilene and back in the groove. It's weird to think of Abilene as home, but it is now. Greek class today was just super duper. I think I did really well on my quiz. I have no idea why, but I just love Greek. I know admitting that takes away a few cool points.
Golden Globes Update:
First of all, when did they move the Golden Globes from Sunday to Monday? That was weird.

One big winner was Walk the Line. I saw that move over the holiday and I must say that I loved it. I'm so glad that Joaquin and Reese won. I just love Reese, she seems so happy and nice. If I lived in Hollywood I'd try to be her friend. Does any know if Joaquin is married? He always seems depressed. Quite a difference from Reese.

Desperate Housewives also took home a big award. I just love this show. I tried to watch it with my sister in law and I think she judged me a little for watching such a dark show. It is so great though. Lynette is my favorite.

Another big winner: Brokeback Mountain. I haven't seen this one because I live in conservative cities that don't allow these types of movies. Or at least that is my theory. (Side note: I think it has come to Abilene now)
Well, it's time to do a little reading of the book of Mark. I'm supposed to read it fresh, like I've never read it before. How in the world am I supposed to do that?

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Melody said...

Sue...I miss you terribly

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