Tuesday, January 31, 2006

While apartment living does have its drawbacks, there are a few perks:
-Once a month someone comes and changes my air filter, I don't even have to think about stuff like that.
-Every once in a while an exterminator comes a sprays for bugs. I don't handle bugs well, so this is a big plus.
-A security gate surrounds the property providing a bit more safety.


Charlie Bowman has finally arrived. I'm so excited to meet him! I know that Andy and Amy are going to be the best parents. What a cute family.


The oscar nominations are out. Crash got several which is great because I thought that movie was quite moving. I'm rooting for Reese and Joaquin too, I just love them!

1 comment:

Lynsey Wells said...

I love ya Sue!

And I agree that there are definitly good things in apartment living! I couldn't imagine having to be responsible for all of that stuff myself!

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