Monday, February 20, 2006

Grey's Anatomy: NO FREAKING WAY!!!!


In the last two weekends I have been fortunate enough to go to the variety shows put on by my two schools. Since some of you readers missed these shows I will fill you in.

Master Follies:
What a great weekend. This show was the best one I've seen. Dr. Camp was the director this year and he did a great job. The hosts and hostesses were super. The club shows were a bit disappointing, but at least my old club won! Alumni breakfast was also wonderful. There were so many people there. And, so many babies. There must be something in the water.

Sing Song:
Drama, drama, drama. This year was the 50th show, so everything was a big deal. Plus it's the centennial. The Siggies definitely had the best show, but when the winners were announced, they got 3rd place. The whole audience moaned. As it turns out the scores were miscounted and the Siggies actually won. What a mess. My favorite part of the program was during intermission when the jazz band played the entire Sex and the City theme song. I thought this was a Christian school! (speaking of, I finally got the Sex and the City box set and it is awesome!) Overall, it was a great night. The hosts and hostesses were great too.

It's funny to watch the difference between these shows. It's very easy to see which school is richer!


X said...

Friday night the jazz band played the Family Guy theme, and I was wondering the same thing...

Ashley Nelson said...

George and Meredith...not good. Not GOOD!

McDreamy = hot
McDreamy's cheating friend/enemy = hot

I love this show!

Crysty said...

Follies was a blast, but I still have never seen a Sing Song. And I watched Grey's Anatomy for the first time last night, now I know why everyone is so crazy about it!

Robby and Lynsey said...

I missed Grey's... I'm going to have to start staying up ... apparently it will be worth my while EVERY time!! I love all your updates ... funny.

Thanks for filling in on the shows ... I was sad to miss them. I hear from EVERYONE about all the babies - what's going on??

Did you get the first season of Grey's along with Sex? Hmm - maybe I shouldn't refer to ALL shows by the first name in the title. Especially when when I am refering to you paying for them ...

Adam Crawford said...

I laughed alot about you paying for Sex, that's hilarious. So...i updated, jerk. I've been to Sing Song a couple times, I liked it. Miss you, Sue!

P.S. (Alison Martin says "hi")

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