Sunday, March 12, 2006

**** Edit: Nate and Kristin did have their baby and he's really cute!! I have Nate's blog linked to the right! Jeffrey Jaxon Bundy, he's going to have a hilarious life.

Okay, this internet fast is total crap. I still read blogs everyday and I've been dying to update. So, in the grad tradition of my Lenten seasons, I didn't make it. What can I say, I'm weak!

Huge news: Nick Lachey had a fling with Kristin from Laguna Beach. Oh my goodness. That's crazy. She is a freshman in college. And he's like 30 or something. I'm still mourning over the divorce of Nick and Jessica, and he's out there whoring it up.

Spring Break is here! Unfortunately, part of growing up means that you no longer get spring break. So I will be spending my "days off" at the office and in the library. I've got to get started on my papers, or I'm going to fail out of grad school. I don't think my folks would like that too much.

Have you ever noticed that when you spell check your blog, the word "blog" comes up as a misspelled work. What's up with that? I'm at updating my blog in blogworld. How can blog be a misspelled word?

Does anyone know if Nate and Kristin have had their baby yet?

Well guys, it's good to be back. Parting words: watch Grey's Anatomy tonight. It comes on at the same time as Knight School (I love that Bobby Knight!), so I tape Grey's, then I can watch it all week long! (Can you tell why I'm behind in school??)


Dustin and Allyson Wall said...

Hey Sue! Got your post on my blog. My sister is just here temporarily while her hubby is deployed in Deigo Garcia (he's in the Air Force). So, she moved here for 4 months. Glad to find you blog in blogland!! And glad to see things are going well for ya'!

Robby and Lynsey said...

AHHH!! I am SO glad that you are back in blogging land ... I'm sorry that you didn't make it ... but I am THRILLED that you came back early!! Oh how we miss you when you're gone!

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