Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Okay, I'm ready to update about the show. Last night I had so much drama just trying to watch it, but finally about 9:30 we were able to sit down and watch it thanks to the power of DVR.
Here are some of my favorite parts of the show:
-"She was turning in her V-card"
-Alex finally being a nice guy again
-Derek touching Meredith's hand when they were putting the dog down
-Meredith confronting the chief about his affair with her mom
-Izzy's beautiful dress
-Anything Bailey did, she is so funny

Derek and Meredith, please just get together. Stop hurting Addison and Finn.
Izzy, please don't leave the show, we love you.
George and Callie have the weirdest relationship.
I love those interns, they are a family.

I have an appointment with my orthopedic doctor today at 5:45. So, I'm supposed to spend the day in bed with my broken foot propped up to get the swelling to go down. It's funny, I usually spend all day wishing I was in bed, but now that I have to just lay there bored, I really don't want to be in bed all day.


Melody said...

YOURE crazy!

Coach T said...

I have no idea what you are talking about. I think you might need a life, or at least something close to one. Try reading, or watching something that other people can relate to like anything on ESPN, FOX Sports, ESPN2, ESPN Classic, The Golf Channel, FOX SPorts World. These are just few suggestions to get you connected to the real world.

Robby and Lynsey said...

I love it, I love it, I love it!!! Yes to all that has been said on yours and Ashley's blog!!! Thank you so much for getting me hooked on this show!

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