Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Well, the doctor told me that I broke my 5th metatarsal and the bottom of my tibia (leg bone). That was quite a fall. The doctor decided I needed to wear a cast for three weeks. So, here I am in the heat with a big red sweat machine wrapped around my leg. He didn't have any fun colors for me to choose from either. I was hoping for pink. Once I had camouflage casts, that was really cool. Cody Batton's brother was the one who put my cast on. I think that is neat.

Someone (Jeremy Thornton) is tired of my Grey's Anatomy posts. Don't worry, there won't be any more of those posts until September :( And by the way, ESPN and Fox Sports are not the "real world."

I had a super duper birthday. I can't believe I'm twenty four. That's seems old. (but not compared to a lot of people who read this blog -- haha!) My parents took me to Harrigans for dinner. It was yummy.

I must close now. I going to attempt to take a one legged bath. Let's pray for no more injuries!


Coach T said...

Oh it was Grey's Anatomy, I thought you were just making stuff up. What fall are you speaking of? Good luck with the sweat machine. Isn't that what you used to call Cody back in the day. Oh, wait that was SEX MACHINE, my bad. Love ya Screw-dizzle.

Katie said...

My love, I can't believe you go off and break your leg!!! Is this going to change your travel plans?? I'm so sorry. :( I had a pitty party for myself yesterday, because (well, Matt left) and I realized that I didn't get Grey's season 1 from you!!! Is there a way for me to get into your apt?!? I guess I'll have to rent them. Things are slowing down, and I think I am going to be watching a LOT of movies. I love you!

April Carrasco said...

You are too funny! Glad you came to our class! Hope your foot heals soon!

Unknown said...

Okay Sue.....let's try this again. When I call, please pick up the phone. I will try to do the same. It makes the phone conversation go a little more smoothly if we actually get to talk to one another.

Donald Philip Simpson said...

If I wasn't so much older than you I might have found that much, much, much funnier.... but I still laughed pretty hard.

I would say to go and break a leg, but you beat me to that as well...


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