Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Well, I made it. I, along with the red cast, the impala, Betty Kay, and three suitcases made it up here to the great state of Kansas last night. Is Kansas the sunflower state?? I see sunflowers on signs everywhere. I should probably know this about the state I'm living in. I just got back from dropping off my mom at the airport. She is so excited about Kansas. I am too. I really expected it to look like west Texas here. I think the western part of Kansas may look like that, but over here on the east side it is beautiful. There's rolling green hills with tons of trees. I've always defended Lubbock when people called it ugly, but it really is ugly. It's so pretty here, I'm so excited to live in such a nice area. The neighborhood where I live looks like Pleasantville. The people I'm staying with are so cute. And the church seems pretty awesome. So, as you can tell, I'm loving it so far. Please pray for my feet. My broken foot is healing very slowly and my other foot is still badly sprained from that crazy fall out of the shower. So, I'm still in a lot of pain. And it's really hard to get much work done when you feel like crap. Other than that things are great. I'm excited to fill all of you in on the cool things KC has to offer! I should totally be a tour guide.


Robby and Lynsey said...

I'm glad that you are there safe and loving it so far!! I hope you are feeling better, too. Just 2 weeks to go! I can't believe it!!! How's the weather there?

Coach T said...

It's warms my heart to know that you are safe. I have an idea for you that might do you some good while you are in Kansas. Don't fall down again or someone will have to come help you whilst naked and thereby ruining your credibility. Remember if you have seen someone else in the buff you always have the upper hand on them, as well as somewhat "special" knowledge that you could share with others. So, in closing, bust in on people while they are showering and don't fall down. Do that and Kansas is served to you on a platter and laid at your feet oh mighty Screw Dogg. T out.

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