Friday, June 02, 2006

It's so funny getting adjusted to a new place. There's so many questions like, where is the light switch in my office??? I still haven't figured that out, so I just leave the lights on. Sleeping in a new place is hard too. I spend my whole night wondering what that noise was. And driving in a new place is the worst. I know people get so mad at me when I realize I'm in the wrong lane and I have to suddenly get over. I know they see my Texas license plate and think 'Stupid Texas Driver.' Sorry Texas. It's funny meeting people at church. They always say, "Oh, you must be Sue. I saw your cast." I guess they wrote about my broken foot in the church bulletin or something. My kids are awesome though. It's funny how all youth groups are pretty much the same. They love to play games all night and TP the youth minister's house. On Wednesday night me and the other intern went with the kids to wrap Paul's (the youth minister) house. We sat in the car and watched and it was so funny. Paul has a bucket of water balloons at every door so as soon as the kids got to the lawn he started pelting them. A neighbor called the police who drove up right as Paul set off a bottle rocket in the back yard. I was about to die. My first night as an intern here and I get to watch the kids talking to the cops. Nice, I know. Pray for me, seriously.


Robby and Lynsey said...

That is awesome ... no teen gathering is complete without cops coming to break it up! Too funny.

Hopefully it won't take you too long to find the light in your office - that seems like a small but important thing! ;) hehe
And when I was finding my way around Oregon with my Texas plates, I was afraid that they would not only be (more) mad at Texas, but I was positive that some of them would surround my car and (instead of beating me) throw a protest in my honor for being such a stupid Texan driver. Although they never did protest me publically ... I'm pretty sure I deepend their anger with the state a time or two. (When we were visiting here the first time, Robby saw a big sign at a protest rally that said "Fix the world, Nuke Texas") ;)
Good luck with all of it ... I can't wait to see you NEXT WEEKEND!!!!

Unknown said...

Wow, I haven't "tp"ed somebodies house in forever. That's just crazy!

One thing that I am grateful for: I don't have Texas plates on my car anymore. I don't think the Oregon plates carry as much connotation with them. If anything they just think that I'm a tree-huggin' hippie.

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