Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Okay, now I realize that most of you come to this site for your daily dose of absolute hilarity. And while I try to be funny for you, from time to time I just need to be blah. So, this post is an emotion dump.

First of all, I leave Kansas in just five short days. I can't believe it. This summer has flown by so fast. I'm very sad to leave. I have fallen in love with these kids, their parents, the church, the youth minister and his family, and even the city. I can't imagine this being the end. These relationships are so important to me. Two months is just enough time to really build a deep realtionship and now it's time to say bye.

Next, I am broken hearted. I have loved Mr. C for a long long time. I finally got the guts to tell him how I felt, but sadly the feelings we're not mutual. All of this happened the day before camp, so I had to go be fun and silly for six days instead of dealing with it. I'm still pretty sad, although I do feel a certain amount of peace because it's all out on the table and I can move on.

And last, within the next year I am going to have major surgery. This surgery will change my life. I know it's going to be a positive thing in the end, but it is a huge weight hanging over my head. It's hard to hold all of this in, but I'm not ready to spill all the details right now.

I'll end with a picture of the cutest kids ever. I know you can't really see them that well, but this will have to do.


Robby and Lynsey said...

I've been thinking about you and praying for you so much this summer. You are precious and I love you. I'm so very proud of you, too. You've got more courage than most!

Have a glorious five days! I hope you are able to soak it all in. (BTW - that is a TON of kids! Insanity!!!)

Sorry I couldn't chat more on Myspace ... it was just too slow. Love you, Sue!

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you had an awesome summer, I'm sorry it has to end! I will get to see you more easily now though. It seems like you're going through a lot right now, but I know if anyone can come out the other side stronger, it's you. Hey, I'll be driving through Abilene twice a week pretty soon, we must do IHOP! Love you!

Marta said...

I'm sorry that things are rough right now. Seems like you are going through a lot of transitions. I know that feeling and it stinks! I don't know you very well but from what I do know seems to me that if anyone can make it through with grace and humor it's you. You'll be in my prayers as you say goodbye and move on to the next chapter. I know that those kids are going to miss you so very much and that you made such an awesome impact on their lives. God bless you Sue!!

Unknown said...

Yikes! You've been traveling in a yellow dog. That had to be hotter than a certain place we are all thankful we won't end up in!

I have to say, Sue, that I am glad you have re-entered my life. It has been a joy to read about your summer and to hear about the amazing journey God has brought you on.

Beyond tiny people who I can't remember very well, I remember you as my first friend, and it amazes me that you keep popping back up in my life. First in high school and then six years later.

Enjoy your last few days in Kansas!

Katie said...

Sue!!! When you get back we are definitely having a girl party!!

Ashley said...

I love you. I love you. I love you. Thinking of you right now. Hand in there. Come see me for a hug.

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