Sunday, October 29, 2006

Time for an update, eh?

I just got home from Peet's coffee shop where I was writing a paper. It's a tough paper. The topic is God. Who is God? How do I answer that? It took a long time to wrap my head around this. The thought that kept coming to mind was: God is redemptive. In all of our sin and pain and filth, God is working hard to redeem us. So, I want to know who is God to you? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

By the way, thanks for all of the love and support following the post about my surgery. It means so much.


Amanda Peterson said...

Well, initially what hits my mind is somewhat cliche, but also very, very true: God is love. Yet, within that statement there is so much more wrapped up into it. God is kind. He is slow to anger. He is gracious. He delights in showing mercy. He is patient....

Donald Philip Simpson said...

God is "sad" because you were not in class today :(

Our group met today to go over the catachesis paper. I took some notes for you as far as the research and when things are to be done. Hope you are doing well.

Robby and Lynsey said...

I had to think for a while (and then go without a computer for a while) ... and as sad as I am to add nothing original - I think I would also have to say that God is redemtive. Out of all the qualities that he has ... this is the one that I've been living in/with the most in the last couple of years. I just can't get over what it means for humanity and creation to look forward to and live daily with this gift.

Nothing new or different - but wanted you to know you sparked my interest with the question.

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