Sunday, November 05, 2006


I just saw a commercial advertising the release of Beverly Hills 90210 on DVD. Man, life is good. 22 episodes of Brandon and Kelly and Dylan and Brenda and Steve and Donna and David and Andrea. Oh yeah baby!

Did anyone catch Desperate Housewives tonight? That was nuts!


Robby and Lynsey said...

Oh darn it ... I meant to watch that last night and forgot. What happened?

I'm working on an update... :)

Robby and Lynsey said...

I'm so far behind I don't even know who Orson? and Kayla are! Maybe I should watch the 2nd season?!?!?! :)

Thanks for trying to fill me in, though. I was mainly wondering if Lynette got shot or not. Is she pregnant again????

Dustin and Allyson Wall said...

I love 90210!! When does it come out? I hope while I'm still on maternity leave. I've sure got some time on my hands!

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! I was in Jennie Garth's fan club!

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