Saturday, April 14, 2007

It has been freezing around here today. Really, what is the deal with this weather?

Well, my cookies were a hit and I passed my comp. The stress and pressure have not subsided though. I have a paper due just about every other day for the next two weeks or so, including tomorrow!?! What kind of a Bible professor schedules a due date on a Sunday? An ungodly one, that's who! Just kidding... sort of.

At the end of my comp, my professors got around me to pray a prayer of blessing over me, and I totally fell apart. I started crying, actual tears (something very uncommon for me). Luckily we were praying so their eyes were closed and they couldn't see my teary display. I don't really know where this emotion came from. Maybe it's the stress or sleep loss. Maybe it's that I'm leaving in a month and refuse to even think about leaving this community. Perhaps, it's my deep gratitude towards these men who have been so instrumental in transforming my life. Whatever it was, that moment was one of those precious times in your life that you just don't forget.

Right now my future looks sunny. I'm going back to Kansas City for the summer (I don't think I've mentioned that here). I think the summer is going to be great. And, I have several prospects for the fall. Yesterday I had a phone interview with the Salvation Army in Portland, OR. The interview went well, and I think the job sounds really neat. I'm not sure if it is exactly what I want to be doing though. My other major prospect right now is a youth ministry job in Campbell, CA (outside of San Francisco). I have heard great things about the church and about the youth minister I'd be working for. Anyways, I just can't believe that this west Texas girl may become a west coaster. I know I'll be made fun of for my accent pretty often, but I can handle that. Every time I see a new job prospect, I look to see if the city has an IKEA. I do plan to spend a lot of my time shopping at IKEA once I start receiving a regular income. That makes me so excited!!

Well, I better work on papers for a little while longer tonight. I hope everyone has a great Sunday tomorrow, I'll be typing.

*****By the way, when I published this post I was visitor number 11,111. Neat-O!*****


Jens Øvrebust said...


I`m an old man from Norway, just reading your blogg.

In Norway we have a song start like this: "Free the prisoners it is springtime."

You must take care of yourself.

Have a great day.

Jens Øvrebust

Allison said...

Keep us posted on the job stuff. When do you get to KC for the summer? Just wondered if we could cross paths as we move... Love you!

the Kimberlins said...

The crying could have been from anyone of those things, but also the power of righteous people praying over us is amazing too.

And I am right there with on spending money at IKEA, we are about to move into a newly remodeled apartment and I can't wait to spend some money!

Hope your papers go by quickly, and the job propects go well.

Robby and Lynsey said...

Glad to hear the comps went well! It is sweet that they made you cry. :)

I'm sad that the Oregon gig isn't exactly what you are looking for. :( California could be fun, though! Yes, the westcoasters will make fun of the accent ... but it is a nice ice-breaker many times. ha! It is fun being a westcoaster. Expensive. But fun. Can't wait to hear what is next for you! Thanks for keeping us updated in the midst of all your crazy school projects.

Anonymous said...

Cambell, CA - I think that's where my sister goes to church. That would be cool. She's way more fun than I am - plus she has a great high school daughter in the youth group. ==Leanne

Me said...
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Me said...

Sue -- I am so proud that you passed your Comps! What a great accomplishment!

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