Friday, June 08, 2007

My parents gave me a digital camera as a graduation gift, so now I can put a few more photos on here. Here are some from my sister in law's fiesta celebrating her law school graduation.

Here is the lady of the evening, Hailey, along with my brother David.

This is their dog Carey, dressed up for the occasion. My brother was not amused.
Here are my lovely parents enjoying the party.
And here's a shot of both of my brothers.

This is a super close up of my other sister in law Julie and my niece Kaelan. My brother Stephen took this one. Nice job.
Well, last night I got home from our junior high mission trip. I may be more convinced than ever that the junior high years are the hardest. There was so much drama! She likes him, but he likes her, so she's mad at her, and he talked bad about her, so she told him about her and now she's mad... One of the girls said that she wasn't going to talk about people any more, and one of the other girls quickly responded with "Well, let us know when we can talk to you again." You just can't make that kind of stuff up.

Anyways, I thought St. Louis was a great city. I went up to the top of the arch and looked out over the sky line as the sun was setting. It was beautiful. We worked with some great agencies further convicting me of the need to work for social justice. Here's a picture of the teens at a food pantry.
Overall, we had a great week. We were even on the local news a couple of times. The day we worked at the food pantry a news crew showed up and filmed us working. Then one afternoon we were at the zoo and happened to walk up to the elephant area right when they were bringing out the new baby elephant for the first time. Three news cameras were there and filmed us watching the blessed event. Here's a picture of baby Jade.I was really excited about the elephant, she (or he?) was so cute. I think they said she was three months old. I just love zoos.

I want to type a few words about the Overland Park girl who was abducted at Target this week, but I'm too tired to keep typing, so I'll put that in a future post. Good night everyone.


Marta said...

I know what you mean about jr high drama. We just hosted a j-hi group on their mission trip and I cooked for them at our house 2 nights. Can I just say I'm so glad that I'm no in jr high? I'm glad you had a great trip... that elephant is too cute!!!

kentbrantly said...

i miss dave. tell him i said hi.

oh, and i guess i miss you, too, sue. :)

Ashley said...

Working at a middle school reminds me DAILY that I dread that time for Carley. It is so hard. Keep loving those girls and speaking the Lord's truth to them. They need to be reminded.

Love the picts of your sweet family. I get a hug from you dad every Sunday and it makes my day.

Robby and Lynsey said...

Your family is great ... good pics of everyone. Where were the pics of you, missy?????

I hate that Jr. High wasn't just a horrible experience for me. I hate that everyone else in the world has to go through it, too. I'm with Ashley - continue loving them like you do. It is hard in the midst of the drama ... but it can and will do wonders for them! You are in a good place right now - they are blessed to have you there this summer. :)

That elephant is adorable. For some reason, it just makes my heart extra happy. ;)

Wish we were meeting back in KC again, too. Can you believe how many different things have changed since last years reunion???!?!?!! Crazy!

Robby and Lynsey said...

I've been thinking about you today and just wanted to say, "Hi"! How's your summer going?

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