Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Well I survived. At this time last night I was waiting for the biggest, most dangerous ice storm of all time. The weather people were freaking out. Schools were canceled. And two youth parents called to warn me I might lose power so I should come to their house because they have a generator. (very sweet by the way) So today I'm kind of thinking- what's the big deal?? Yeah, there's some ice on the trees but luckily I missed the major catastrophe causing storm. I don't want to live in fear all season. I hate how the forecasters create these huge emergencies. Yesterday, our children's minister brought a suitcase of clothes to work in case she was to get stuck at the building because the news had scared her. That makes me laugh a little. Our male ministers are from the north and us girls are from Texas- so, the boys sit around really calm about the weather while us girls are freaking out and climbing up the walls. Oh Kansas.

Yesterday I got to go spend a HUGE amount of money. Don't worry mom, it wasn't out of my own checking account. Tomorrow night me and the teens are heading out to take Christmas to a foster facility. I'm so excited. We're having a party with a special appearance by the big man himself (Santa, not God). So, yesterday I got to go out and buy board games, playing cards, dominoes, art supplies....... It was just wonderful. I was pulling two overflowing carts around Walmart trying to weave in and out of the crowd. I was quite the spectacle and I kept hitting the back of my heels with the back cart. That hurt, but I know for a fact that I've never had that much fun shopping in my life!

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