Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring has sprung and it is beautiful! I love seasons. I have put away my boots, sweaters and coat and I went out and bought some spring clothes today. I'm also going to plant some flowers outside on my deck.

Tomorrow I'm leaving town again. I'm headed to Atlanta with our children's minister. In fact, every minister at OP will be out of town next week. I think that's funny. One of my youth moms said, "we should cancel church!" I'm sure this will be the week when there is a major crisis and a bunch of funerals. When I worked in Abilene, the preacher there would do a couple of funerals a week. One week, he had to do four, including the funeral of a former ACU first lady. I always felt sorry for him. I don't know how he ever left town. Anyways... I'm excited about my trip, but my apartment is feeling a little neglected with all of my travels. It's a disaster.

So, back to the spring discussion. When it hits about 70 degrees I always pull out the capri
pants. They are such a nice alternative to shorts. However, Stacy and Clinton have said that capris are atrocious and make you look stumpy. Now, I always agree with their opinions, but I just don't think I can say goodbye to the capris. What do you think out there?


katie and matt said...

Well Stacey and Clinton never had flabby knees like me. I don't care what they say- if Audrey Hepburn wore them, then they are classic!

BTW- have you and your children's minister ever discussed the fact that you both know me? I'm sure you talk about it all the time, about how much you miss me and such.

BTW2- I am now a dark brunette.

Katherine said...

I do love that fashion duo, but I do LOVE my capris and will not give them up no matter what they say!! ;) I think they are cute and will have to override their fashion advice this time!

the Kimberlins said...

hmm...I agree they are a great alt. to shorts, but I think you do have to make sure you have capris that fit right- too tight and it looks scary, too big and everything looks saggy.

Anonymous said...

Never say good-bye to capris!!! Sue... how are you!!! I sure miss those days in Abilene together!! I think this week was about the week we all met at (Oh what is the name of that place?)... well where we had breakfast and said our good-byes! I got in the car that morning and cried!!! Hope you're doing well!

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