Friday, May 02, 2008

I'm okay. A few of you have called to check on me. Yes, there were major storms and tornadoes that blew through last here last night. I was sitting on my deck reading a book watching the storm roll in. Then I heard the sirens and started checking the weather. All of the tornadoes were pretty far from my house, but we did get about 2 inches of rain here- so says the meteorologist.

Crazy tornado weather is nothing new for me. In west Texas you live in a tornado warning from mid-March through May. Here's something strange though. The worst storms always happen on Thursday nights. This is not scientific research, only personal observation mind you. Here's what I know, if there are good shows on TV to be watched, they will be interrupted by a severe weather alert. And since Thursdays are the best night for TV, that's when the storms roll in. I think weather people bank on it.

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