Monday, August 18, 2008

Has anyone seen that commercial where the guy is riding on the bike singing...
F to the R to the E to the E to the C to the R to the E-D-I-T...
Hahahah. That is my favorite commercial lately. It cracks me up. I just watched it four times in a row thanks to dvr. That's pretty sad, I know.

Okay, so how much have I loved the Olympics! That Michael Phelps- he's so cute. I'd definitely marry him. And those girl gymnasts are just great. I really wanted Shawn Johnson to take the gold last night. She deserves one. I just love how sweet she is. Or at least how sweet she is on camera. And, does anyone believe the Chinese gymnasts are 16? They look about 12. What a scandal.

Well, all of our teens are back in school now and we've been singing a little song in the office- "It's the most wonderful time of the year..." I don't really mean that. I really miss them when they go back to school. But I am so excited about this school year. There is so much excitement right now. On Sunday morning we even ran out of chairs!

So the biggest news of all: I have a new niece! Stephen and Julie had their second little girl on Sunday afternoon. Her name is Kamryn Paige and she has lots of hair- just like her favorite aunt!

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NewJerseyJesus said...

OK, I hate to admit it. I love that commercial also!

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