Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I have a new friend. One of my bffs, Lynsey, labored for something crazy like 40 hours to bring a little cutie into the world. Welcome Anna Kate Wells. I'm so excited to meet you and I'm really glad you have red hair! I was pulling for them to name her Sue, but no one ever takes me up on that. What's the deal? Sue is a great name people! It rhymes with so many words... two, boo, do, who, eww, moo, poo... See, you can take it anywhere. But enough of this nonsense...

On to something much less important than Anna Kate. I'm talking about college football. With the recent success of the Texas Tech Red Raiders, my personal intake of college football, espn game day, and sports center has hit an all time high. Now this is a major problem. It goes against all I stand for. As soon as I moved out of the Mullican Male House of Sports I vowed to take my life in a different direction- a sports free zone if you will. And I've done a great job, with the exception of the summer olympics of course. So anyways, these past few weeks Lubbock has gone crazy and I've watched from afar wishing I was participating in the madness. So in an attempt to join the masses of my hometown, I'll do it: WRECK 'EM TECH! Don't ever expect that again on this journey of a blog.


Allison said...

I agree the 2 most exciting events of the week! Sorry no one ever takes you up on Sue, myself included. ;) It's good to read your blog. It makes me feel a little closer to you. I love you Sue, poo.

Mandy B said...

Sue -- I share your pain with the name SUE. Did you know that is my middle name? I sound like a true West Texan when I tell people or they find out on their own. Like all those people with 2 names (Mary Jane, Anna Kate, etc.) we can't deny our southern heritage~ :)

I thought about naming one of the boys SUE, but Carter disagreed. LOL. Isn't that an old country song "A boy named Sue"????


Katherine said...

Ha ha-I hear ya-except that I have always been enthralled and really into sports!! But, my watching has most definitely increased lately with the success of the Texas Tech team and all of the coverage that has ensued!! I, too have longed to take part in the craziness in Lubbock while watching from afar. So, I join in your cry and say WRECK 'EM TECH while my guns are up!! :) I cannot wait till the game on Saturday!!

Anna Kate is adorable!! Hopefully one day someone will take you up on the name offer!

Miss you! Hope you are doing well-we should talk soon. Blessings~

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