Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New Job Time

Tonight I am starting a new job. I am going to work with the women's ministry at the University Church of Christ. Tonight I have a meeting with the elders. What a way to start. I went to find a new outfit, but I couldn't find anything. Men don't care about fashion anyway. I've had lots of new jobs. Usually, the first day is uncomfortable and long. At least this first day will be short.


Anonymous said...

Since when do you have a blog???? I would have been catching up with you all this time if I would have known earlier!! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you on your e-mail yet - busy at work you know. I actually have some time today, though - we'll see how much I get done before they wake up!! I like your posts! They are so SUE! (the best!) I love you and have been thinking about you a lot lately. Take care and good luck with that exegesis class - blah!

Anonymous said...

and with your new job ... forgot to type that part in! oops

Amy said...

Look for the Gotchers (Joy & David) and tell them I said HI! They're good folks!

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