Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It's May!!!! The best month of the year. Maybe it's the warm weather or the end of school that makes me love May so much. It might be the season finales to all of my favorite shows that I look forward to. I guess the truth is, I love May because it's my birthday month! On May 15th, I hit the big 2-5. That's crazy. Half way to 50. Quarter way to 100. And if you're looking for that perfect birthday gift, here it is. Season 2 of Beverly Hills 90210 hits stores today. You know how much I love my 90210. Happy May everyone.


Lynsey said...

Have you watched Ian on Dancing with the Stars?? He's not my favorite, but not bad either. I heard him on the radio the other day and he is taking everything a little too seriously. :) Last night, a lot of the 90210 crew was at the show and I thought of you. I can't believe you are almost 25!

Crysty said...

It's about time you turn 25, we have been 25 since October you young'in! Well happy early birthday.
Can you believe those people in 90210 were suppose to be in High School.

Ashley said...

I totally love 90210. TOTALLY

What did you thin of Grey's?

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