Saturday, December 08, 2007

19 degrees. Whoo-hoo. Anyways, I've taken a journey this weekend. A journey down memory lane. When I moved into my apartment, I found lots of old photos and albums. So, last night I finally got them out and looked through them. I must say, I've lived in this nostalgic state all day. My teen years, at least the later ones, were just awesome. I had such good friends and so much fun. My life is really great now, and I wouldn't ask for anything more. But, there is something really special about those years, kind of like the best years of your life...

So, join me in my journey. I put all of these on facebook, but I know many of you aren't on facebook so I decided to put them here as well. Here's the youth group section. This is a picture of me and my youth minister Jack Whiddon at camp in Estes Park, CO. My version of heaven is that camp in those mountains.
Okay, this one is just funny to me. Our youth group had such hotties! And they loved taking off their shirts for the camera. I don't even remember this, so I must have stolen the picture from someone for the eye candy.

These two are by far the two cutest girls I know. Lauren Griffin and Sara Fannin, I just love you two.

This is me and Josh something. He was by far the hottest intern of all time and I had the biggest crush on him that lasted much longer than just the summer he was around. I know I was not alone.

Here's me and Meghan Fleming. I just loved her. What ever happened to her? I really like this picture mostly because I am so skinny and cute in it. Why was I single?

Ryan Crumpler and I. He was my best friend. I haven't had that good of a friend (who is also male) since him. I guess it's because all of the guys I know now are married to my girl friends.

This one is so funny too. This was the day my dress arrived for my brother's wedding. I was 14! (Is there anything better than braces?) So, Maddie Culwell came over after church to see it. We were all so excited about Stephen's wedding. That dress is really strange looking now, over ten years later. It was really pretty then though.

Here's a group shot from camp. I think my favorite thing about it is Emily Berry and Ryan Blankenship (yellow t-shirt and the boy). They were so sweet to me. They were older than me but never treated me like I was younger. Looking back, they took really good care of me. Again, I wonder what ever happened to them.

Best of friends. I have so many of these pictures. I could make a whole album of pictures of me, Annie, Allison, and Lynsey. What I love about this picture of the four of us is that we are still great friends and get together as often as we can, which sadly isn't very often. I love these ladies dearly.

And lastly, here a picture of my brother with Lauren Culwell and Smash. I really can't believe how tan David is, and how short his hair is. The reality was that just about ever girl in the youth group was totally in love with Dave- which made my life a little difficult at times. And I'm not talking about a little crush- I mean totally in love with him. It's funny because he never dated any of them. Playing hard to get I guess. I also love that face he's making. He still makes it.

And here's a few from High School. This one was from a choir trip to Orlando. We went to this weird thing called Arabian Nights. It was supposed to be like Medieval Times, but it really sucked. I liked the picture though.
This was from Twirp week. We took the boys out to laser tag and a steak dinner, I think-if I'm remembering correctly. I do remember having tons of fun that night.

I was the proud recipient of the Spirit Award each year I was in choir. I think this award was for those faithful choir members who didn't necessarily have the greatest voices, but did have the greatest attitudes. I was always really excited to get the award. I wonder what ever happened to those plaques.

Here's me and my super cute date to the choir banquet, Dustin. As you can tell, most of my life took place around choir events.

Whitney, Priscilla, Me, and Heather. We had so much fun together. I have a bunch of these pictures too. Sadly, I never see them any more.

Here's me and Whitney. We were a lot alike and laughed a lot. This was after a choir concert on my 18th birthday. I love this picture.

I guess it's fitting to end with a graduation picture. Here's me and Cullen (Mr. C for you devoted readers out there). I remember graduation day being a little more sad than exciting.

I hope you've enjoyed this journey. I know I have.


katie and matt said...

Ok, I love that you are wearing a bucket hat in two of the pictures. Well, one of them may be some sort of straw hat... but since I've never seen you in a hat before, i love them! You are SO brave to put up pictures of yourself from that long ago!!!

Me said...

Sue -- Thanks SO much for the trip down memory lane! It was fun to see pictures of our old youth group friends. My crazy brother in the "hottie" picture... what is that? It made me laugh that Jack and Stu were sitting there with all of them, too. :) How fun to see this today!

Maddie said...

I LOVE seeing all the pictures!!!!! Stay warm! I have thought of you many times this week when I watch the weather!

Ashley said...

Wow,I really did ueed to be skinny. Fun times wih fun friends

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