Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pop Culture Update

First, and most importantly, there are talks going on about a 90210 spin off. Yes people, a continuation of the story. What happened with Kelly and Dylan. Are David and Donna still married. What about Brandon. Truthfully, I always wanted Brandon to end up with Kelly. Do you think Steve had any more kids? Whoa, so much to catch up on.

Now, some of you want to know about High School Confidential. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just skip this paragraph. Yes, I do have several kids who go to Blue Valley North West. Some of my girls used to play on the soccer team and I think I may have seen one of them on Monday's episode. I don't know any of the 12 girls they followed around, but it is so cool that all of this took place down the street from my house. I'll let you know if I see any more of my kids on there.

On to the big screen. The other night I went to see The Other Boleyn Girl. It was really good. The story of Anne Boleyn and King Henry played a major role in the history of the church. As I watched the movie, I missed grad school just a little bit. Anyways, the plot is nuts and the whole time you'll be going, what! no way!

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